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Case Study

We met Doug and Gaby with DMS Plumbing in June of 2015. They were using a social media and SEO team and weren’t happy with the results. We started to track their Google rankings at that time.

Since 2015 we’ve dramatically increased rankings for DMS Plumbing, 822 positions in Google, 391 in Bing and 500 in Google maps.

“Our main source of revenue is from Google now. That is what is supporting my family and my company. We went from the 3rd page to first page.”

Doug Smith – DMS Plumbing

We’ve increased daily site traffic from 10 visits a day to 35 through our blogging, landing page development, social media, onsite SEO and internet marketing expertise.

We’ve created profiles in over 70 directories online and work with DMS Plumbing to increase the number of Google, Yelp and BBB reviews. Having online reviews is crucial for not only DMS plumbing, but any local business’s success. Potential new customers heavily rely on online reviews to determine if they want to purchase products or services from a business.

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