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In our experience, clients who embrace philanthropy see positive effects ripple throughout their business. We encourage all of our clients to pick a charity or cause and become involved in one way or another. We then share your story online and the result is almost always a positive one. People want to do business with companies that care; it’s that simple.

Our client DMS Plumbing is a great example of a charitable company that understands the power of working with and helping the community. If you visit their site, you will see that they are active with the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure and donate a portion of each job.

Here at Send It Rising were are involved with rescuing dogs through WhatEveryDogDeserves.com, a website that we’ve built to raise money through advertisements.

Kellen Kautzman is also on the Board of Directors for the Philantrepreneur Foundation, the nonprofit that educates, consults with and improves nonprofits.

If you are involved in a charity, or would like to chat more about working with us either to help promote a cause or to learn more about how philanthropy and marketing are connected, contact us below.

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