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  • Month to Month Payments
  • Remote Work Environment
  • Competitive Compensation for Staff

Month to Month Payments

No one can predict the outcome of a marketing campaign. We are professionals that will create stellar marketing campaigns that have a high chance of success. That being said, markets are unpredictable, so why would we lock you into a contract for a year? You pay month to month because your business deserves flexibility. Every month we have to prove to you that we are, at the bear minimum, heading in the right direction. That can look like rankings improving, phone calls increasing, more contact us form submissions or increased followers on social media.

Remote Work Environment

Office space is expensive and any marketing agency that you work with that has a physical location is charging you for that space. We’ve been working from home since the inception of the company in 2016. Your money is well spent on excellent staff members who will take charge of your campaigns.

Competitive Compensation (Including Insurance for Staff)

We offer competitive salaries and insurance to our full time staff members so that they put their best effort into your campaigns. Simultaneously, we have vendors and team members from around the world to ensure that the price of your marketing remains as low as possible with the highest chance of success. We are often told that our quotes come in below the quotes of other marketing agencies for these reasons.

#1 in SEO and Rich Snippet

Gone are the days of writing 400 word blog posts and praying that Google will rank them. The only game in town is high quality, authoritative blogs that people actually spend time on. Everything else is a waste of time and can actually hurt your business. This is why all of the content we produce is long form and comes with customized imagery. Our aim for every blog is to rank in the “0 Position” which is above all others. We have countless examples of blogs we’ve ranked this way.

In regards to SEO, our founder wrote the #1 New Release Book in the SEO Category. We’ve been SEOing websites since clients wanted to know how they ranked on Yahoo! We’ve stayed up-to-date on all the evolving trends including Mobile First Indexing, Schema Markup, and the never ending updates to Google Search Console, redirects, onsite and offsite SEO.

We’ve dove headfirst into AI generated content and our founder wrote an entire book using Chat GPT. We’ve studied “prompt engineering” and currently have multiple #1 position ranked AI landing pages up on

Paid Ads – Google, Instagram, & Facebook

Paid Ads – Google, Instagram, & Facebook

Finding a true Pay Per Click expert can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. There are countless people who say that they have ample experience with Google ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin Ads, etc. The truth is that most have some experience, but true experts are hard to find. We’ve spent years putting our Pay Per Click team together and because of that we offer highly customized PPC reporting that shows the name of the customer that called and when. The best part is that our PPC reports include recordings of the calls themselves. As the business owner or marketing manager, you can simply listen to the calls we’ve generated and judge for yourself as to whether you are seeing an appropriate return on investment.

Great Pay Per Click often requires excellent graphic design, another skill we have in spades. If you have an idea for a campaign you’d like to run, we’d love to hear about it. That being said, as long as we can take a look at your website we can come up with a variety of campaign ideas across a number of channels that you can pick from. The rest is just a matter of measuring the results.

Beautiful Web Designs

Often, we earn a new client that has come to us after someone else designed their website and they don’t know why their phone calls have dried up. We take a look at their site and see that the SEO wasn’t completed, the blogs haven’t been moved over, pages aren’t being indexed, the web developer forgot to turn off the “no index” tag, the images are too large, the site speed is slow, it doesn’t look good on mobile and Google Analytics and Google Search Console are not set up. We fix the issues, but it’s not magic. It takes time for rankings and phone calls to return.

Not only do we design beautiful works of art in the form of websites, we also SEO them appropriately. We make sure that there aren’t any lapses in Google Analytics Data. We make them fast and size them appropriately on mobile, desktop, and medium screens something many developers aren’t even aware of. Just because a site is pretty and looks good to a business owner does not mean that it isn’t completely broken. We are art meets science when it comes to web development.

Build a Social Presence

Where should your business focus its social media efforts? Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin? All of them? None of them? Are you actually driving revenue from your social media accounts or are you posting just “because you are supposed to”? Social media for many companies is simply a chore that they feel like they have to do. For other companies it is the primary driver of their revenue. Let’s have a sober conversation about the role that social media plays with your business. Let’s invest into what works and measure the results so that we are allocating dollars to the highest converting channels.

We launch and manage incredibly sophisticated and energy intensive social programs for clients and that could be exactly what your business needs, or it could be a complete waste of your company’s resources. Our years of experience can help us maximize your ROI based on focusing on the right channels and messaging. We will be honest with you about the right direction for your social media.

Las Vegas Digital Marketing & SEO Company | Send It Rising
Las Vegas Digital Marketing & SEO Company | Send It Rising

Born and Raised Las Vegas Locals

Need experts on Las Vegas?  Look no further with Todd and Michelle Farino.  Todd and Michelle were born in Las Vegas and have watched the city grow tremendously throughout their lives.  They know everything there is to know about Vegas and its people and understand what makes Vegas tick.

If your business need digital marketing in Las Vegas, then look no further than this dynamic duo.

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