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Last-Minute Black Friday and Cyber Monday SEO Advice

It is that wonderful time of year again when consumers turn to their favorite retailers for bargains on Black Friday and to the internet on Cyber Monday to fulfill their holiday shopping lists. Many retailers rely on these two days to boost their holiday sales. While major retailers spend billions in advertising for these two days, it is possible for small businesses to compete if they spend time throughout the year working towards that goal.

Work It All Weekend

Most customers will be checking their social media sites regularly throughout the weekend following Thanksgiving, so make sure that you are using your targeted audience’s favorite sites to connect with them. That does not mean, however, that you must stay glued to the computer all weekend because you can schedule these posts ahead of time. Many companies run two to three times their normal amount of posts on this weekend.

Emails Get Opened

Shoppers are hungry to make sure that they get the best deals on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Therefore, they are much more willing to open emails during that weekend. In fact, studies suggest that the most successful companies send emails starting on Wednesday and continue all weekend to make sure they connect with the customers. Keep in mind that while these events started in the United States, customers around the world have caught the trend and are opening emails throughout the weekend.

Content is King

In order to maximize profits on Cyber Monday, it is necessary to be found on Amazon. Think about what deals you can offer your customers on that day. Free shipping is almost mandatory, but determine how low you can drop your prices to attract new customers. Make sure that those connected to your site know about these deals by featuring them prominently on your site while including your Amazon link. Furthermore, make it easy for your customers to share your great deals with their friends.

Retailers need to prepare for the big sales event by sending out social media posts and emails throughout the weekend after Thanksgiving. As always, the content on your own site remains king, but you need to remember to find ways that customers can easily share your awesome deals with their friends. If you need Las Vegas SEO help, then contact us.