People of the world!

So, I got onto this radio show. I was told there are about 5,000 listeners. That makes it the largest audience I’ve spoken to yet. Chrissy, who you will hear if you listen to Are Millennials Ready to Dip Their Toes in Real Estate Investing is really nice. We didn’t really have a concrete step by step of what we were going to talk about. Normally, I speak about internet marketing, but this show was all about real estate.

Here is the show info!
Straddled with college debt and healthcare costs, Millennials are pretty frugal and once in the job market have decided to sock away savings. There is undoubtedly skepticism of investing and even of buying when renting is an option. Millennials choose to cash-rich. On this episode of Think Realty with host Chrissey Breault, Kellen Kautzman, a partner at ADvise Media Group, a multifaceted advertising company walks us through his real estate trials and tribulations in Las Vegas. He says it’s not easy and it take a lot of hard work but there is money to made in real estate for millennials. Kellen Kautzman is also a professional speaker and helps rescue dogs. He earned his Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Minnesota and has taught every grade K-12 as well as adults. Transitioning from teaching, Kellen became a professional blogger, which led into his role with ADvise Media Group.