Instagram is an excellent social media platform to take advantage of if you’re trying to build a brand. It’s wildly popular among the Millennial crowd for its visual story-telling attributes. However, Instagram decided to change things up with its algorithm. Now, when you log into the app, your feed doesn’t appear in chronological order. The Instagram algorithms put your feed in order of what’s most popular and which accounts you like the most. If you’re just starting out with Instagram, this may sound like bad news. Thankfully, there are ways around this type of switch so you can make sure your posts get views, likes and popularity over time.


The difference between using hashtags and avoiding them is monumental when you’re just starting out. Take a look at the topics you post about the most. Now, find relevant hashtags that match your content. Under each post, add the hashtags before you share them with the world. The hashtags are powerful enough that they will help push your content higher up on the feed. It may feel annoying and akin to spam, but it’s actually an incredibly effective trick to help you beat the pesky algorithm.

Multiple Posts

In addition to making sure that your content has the right hashtags underneath the posts, it’s best to post multiple times every day. If you’re just starting out, you might want to try posting two or three times a day. There are many people who avoid this type of marketing because they’re afraid of losing followers due to shameless self-promotion. It’s best to get past that. There will be people who choose to unfollow and that’s totally okay. Make sure the content is valuable and helps those that follow you. If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry about people who don’t like what you share. After all, you do want to become visible to your audience. This tactic will help you get there faster.

Visibility and Confidence

When it comes to social media Las Vegas, you don’t have to fight a losing battle. As long as you remain consistent with your efforts, Instagram is an excellent marketing tool. Don’t be afraid to test things out to see what works well and what doesn’t. It’s all part of a learning curve. Just be patient and you’ll see results in time.