Instagram is a fun social media app to use, but it can also be useful for when you’d like to build a brand and gain a following.

Ways to Build a Following With Instagram

Instagram is a social media app that emerged on the scene back in 2010. Since then, it’s expanded to become one of the most used social media apps on the market. This photo sharing app continues to draw hundreds of thousands of new users. With well over 150 million users, it makes sense to opt into this app for social media marketing.


This app is photo based, so you should do your best to mainly post photos. If you have a lot of words you’d like to share, create a blog and redirect users to it under your photos. Try to keep your captions succinct and allow the photos to do most of the communicating.

Another way to share content is through the Insta-stories feature. You can allow your followers to see different snapshots or videos of what you’re doing behind the scenes. This can be a fun way to let people in, and it allows you to define and solidify your branding efforts.

Try to share content once or twice a day. Daily content really pulls people in, reminding them that you exist and have something to share. Try to use the same filter on your photos so that your brand is easy to identify. It’s also wise to decide what topics you’re compelled to share information on and stick to those only. For example, if you’re a tech blogger, you’ll confuse your following if you’re always sharing random photos of your workout trail when you want to be known for how you evaluate the latest gadgets.


If you’d like to be successful with almost anything, consistency is the key. The same applies to Instagram and other outlets of social media in Las Vegas. If you’re busy, consider scheduling your posts ahead of time. If you keep an arsenal of edited photos already on your phone, you’ll just need to focus on uploading them.


Instagram is a fun app, and before long, you’ll get the hang of how you want to use it for brand building. You can control your content in a very different way with Instagram marketing. Remember to be fluid with your approach because your followers will show you what they want to see more of.