Everybodys doing it advertising redefined by SEO expertPeople of the world! Our team at Send It Rising has some awesome news! On Oct 3, Kellen Kautzman, owner of Send It Rising, celebrated the release of his new book Everybody’s Doing It. Kellen and our team hosted a book signing in Las Vegas at the Innevation Center, and we had a great turn out! Guests enjoyed mingling, networking, and free food, and everyone received a signed copy of the book. On top of that, Kellen gave an insightful speech on his writing process—including the drafting, revising, editing, and self-publishing— and he dove into some great tips on staying productive while accomplishing a task as challenging as writing a book.  He also did a brief reading straight from the book.

We’d like to say thanks to everyone who joined us for the book launch!

About the Book

everybodys doing it SEOEverybody’s Doing It: Advertising Redefined by an SEO Expert is a breakdown and redefining of the concept of advertising. Advertising is something we have all been doing since the time of our birth. In fact, when a baby cries, that is advertising. The baby is trying to get the attention of her parents and is trying to send a message to her parents (i.e. I’m hungry. I need my diaper changed). As we grow older, we continue to develop different ways of advertising ourself.

For businesses, however, the advertising industry seems to constantly be changing and evolving with new technologies and numberless different channels of reaching and engaging people. However, the basic concept of advertising remains the same – getting the right message out to the right people. SEO and Internet marketing are important business strategies to accomplish this and reach customers, but not every business uses these methods to their fullest potential.

Everybody’s Doing It fills in the spaces that are missing from many business’ marketing strategies—SEO. Kellen grants his audience “the secret sauce” to online success and navigates through the challenges of SEO in an attempt to demystify this advertising strategy. Readers will also learn how to advertise effectively and how to reach as many people as possible. More importantly, readers will gain an understanding of how social media, artificial intelligence, and SEO have converged.

The book, available here on Amazon, is your way to Internet success through SEO and advertising!