Online business is all about connections. If the connections aren’t there, your business can suffer. One important connection that people don’t always consider is between your site and the host server. This connection influences page load speed. The speed at which your website loads might not sound critical, but page loading speed actually influences many vital areas of performance for your website, and ultimately for your business. In a world where instant gratification is increasingly the norm, it is essential to keep up. 

What is a Host Server? 

 Understanding the importance of web page loading requires knowing what a host server is and its relationship to your website. When you design a website, you create multiple files that need to be stored somewhere online. A host server is a company that stores your files (and website) for a fee. Hosting companies store your data, along with data from other companies, using a network of servers. Many factors influence the host server’s speed, such as backup power supplies, security measures, network connection equipment, and more. Ideally, a host should adhere to the 99.9% rule for uptime, which means it guarantees that your site will be up and operating for 99.9% of the time, and the remaining time will be used for maintenance. This causes minimal disruption to your company’s business and your customers. 

Better User Experience 

 A quality host server that produces faster page loading speeds has many positive benefits for your business. User experience, or “UX,” is one. User experience refers to an end user’s interaction with a business, its products, and its services. For companies that conduct business primarily online, having a good user experience is vital. Your website serves as a consumer’s introduction to your services, products, and company. Research shows that higher page loading speeds translate to higher conversion rates, which means that more people who visit your website become consumers. 

Search Engine Optimization 

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also impacted by page load speed. Many people aren’t aware that page load speed affects their search engine rankings. However, pages that load faster generally have better positions in search engine results. Ads or pages near the top of a page on search engine results have greater visibility, which means that they also typically have higher click-through and even conversion rates. 

Customer Support 

 Customer support plays a crucial role in online business success. Customers want to know that when they have an issue or a problem, you’ll be there to help. Keep in mind that when they’re contacting you needing assistance, the last thing they want is a slow or unresponsive web page! Good host servers will also account for customer support. You can often choose from a customer support package such as web-based support, phone support, and even live chat support. A good host server may include online education and information that customers can use to resolve simple issues. 

 Fast page load speeds and a quality host server are critical for online business. If you’re ready to get your website up to speed, consider Send it Rising, a marketing company offering top-notch website design in Las Vegas. Contact us today for assistance.