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Three Goals You Should Set to Build Your Local Business

If you would like to increase your rankings for your business within the Las Vegas market, then there are three primary goals that you need to focus on in order to raise or improve your page ranking. Substantial links, native reviews and local citations are all important parts of building your company’s online presence.

Goal 1: All Links are Functional and Point to Great Sources

Filling your site with great content is the best way to make sure that you get natural links from other sites that Google puts a premium on. There are several types of content that will drive links to your site when they are well done. Infographics are often quick and easy to create, and they are often linked to by others as proof that the point they are making is correct. Presenting a problem and then giving solutions to the problem in a white paper is a great way to build natural links as well as help you set yourself as an industry leader. Well-done how-to videos are often linked to by numerous people as they do not have the resources or the time to produce this type of content for themselves.

Goal 2: Increase Native Reviews

Google is placing more emphasis than ever before on reviews done off the company’s site. Therefore, it is essential that companies make it easy for customers to leave a review. One of the most effective ways is to simply ask the customer to leave a rating based on a recent shopping experience. Link directly to the site where you would like the customer to leave the review. Others find it effective to offer customers a small discount to leave a review. The great news is that potential customers are putting almost as much emphasis on these reviews as if a personal friend told them about the product or service.

Goal 3: Create Local Citations

A local listing showing the company name, address and phone number is called a local citation. Google is putting more emphasis than ever before on these listings. Therefore, it is essential to get as many as you can. Some sources you should consider include:

• Yelp

• Yellow Pages

• Citysearch

• Yahoo Local

• Facebook

• YouTube

• Twitter

As a business owner, you are a very busy person with many demands on your time each day. Therefore, we would love to help you with your SEO in Las Vegas.