How to Successfully Brand Yourself

Decades ago, we thought of branding as something that only companies did, not something that individuals partook in. However, in an era of social media, personal branding has become incredibly important. Considering that employers and even prospective romantic partners will inevitably search your name online, it’s crucial that what they find is carefully curated and appealing. Here’s what you need to know about successfully branding yourself.

It’s About Finding a Middle Ground

The perfect online social media portfolio exists in that middle ground between raucous and conservative. You don’t want to come off as a party animal who doesn’t take life seriously, but you also don’t want to come off as so professional that you’re practically wooden. You want to portray yourself as fun, but also as a serious person who’d be an asset to any team.

Don’t Get Lost in the Competition

If you look at social media in Las Vegas, you’ll notice that the scene is dominated by a lot of seemingly beautiful and perfect people who appear to have it all. Be cautious that you don’t get lost in the competition or drive yourself crazy trying to measure up to everyone else. Remember, people are only showing their best selves online. They aren’t showing the times when they’re angry, upset or not looking their best. Strive to brand yourself well, but don’t work yourself into a depressive state if you feel like you don’t measure up.

It’s All About Balance

Don’t be the person who’s taking a selfie every 20 minutes or driving themselves up the wall obsessing over their brand. However, you should also avoid being the person who doesn’t care at all about their online presence. Find that balance between putting your best face forward and becoming internet-obsessed. This is the best way to successfully brand yourself online.