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Websites and Their Relevance in 2017

Many brands have opted to use the power of social media to grow their personal brands. This move has also led  many people to ditch their websites in favor of an Instagram page or a public Facebook profile. However, one might argue that this is a terrible move. Websites aren’t just relevant in 2017. Consider these reasons to revive your personal website.


As you work toward building your online brand, it’s incredibly important to have a home base. Building a strong following on social media alone won’t keep your brand alive because you don’t own the platform. Anything can happen and Facebook can decide to shut down your page without explanation. The algorithm on Instagram could change and you’d be left with only a few likes and views. Owning a personal website will allow you to redirect your readers to an online portal that you own and control. In addition to owning your own website, it’s wise to have an email list so that you can keep in touch with your loyal tribe. The best marketers know how to capture the attention of people and their contact information.


Whether you’re asleep or awake on the computer, Google is always working on your behalf when you utilize the power of search engine optimization (SEO). Do some research to figure out which words and phrases work best with your brand. Once you figure it out, consistently produce and share content surrounding those phrases. Over a period of time, you’ll gain organic and consistent traffic. This is not a quick tactic, but it’s one of the most powerful strategies for Las Vegas SEO you can possibly use.

The Verdict

Overall, the verdict is that you need to use personal websites to ramp up and solidify your personal branding efforts. If you want to maintain a brand that develops and grows over the long haul, don’t solely rely on your web presence. Build a great website, optimize it for search engines and capture email addresses for longevity.