Social networks serve as no-cost or low-cost options for attracting and communicating with potential or current clients. The larger audiences that certain sites attract make them better marketing tools for business.

Grow Your Business on These Social Networks

Social media websites are inexpensive and effective in terms of promoting a brand or business. Establishing a social media profile costs nothing. However, some companies might prefer choosing a paid advertising campaign, which has the potential to capture the attention of a larger audience. It is not necessary to make an appearance on every popular network. Select one or more platforms that best suit your business and take the time to maintain and grow those sites. Before implementing the optimal campaign for social media in Las Vegas, become familiar with these top networks.


After a decade of use, Facebook remains the largest and most popular network on the Internet. The social platform reports having nearly 2 billion users from around the world. While initially developed for college students to maintain a connection with family and friends, today Facebook is also frequented by businesses, organizations and celebrities. The platform enables businesses to introduce themselves and stay in touch with clients through text, photographs and videos. Use the site for reporting special news events or company updates. Post daily or weekly and let viewers spread the word.


More than 300 million worldwide users make the time to communicate with family, friends, co-workers or business associates using 140 character tweets. In addition to text messages, the platform allows users to transmit images, website links or videos. Along with being a great business marketing tool, Twitter lends itself to being an effective means of handling customer service issues on the spot.


This unique network encourages users to create digital bulletin boards to display various types of content that are referred to as pins. Pinterest enthusiasts create multiple boards that display photographs or videos based on a specific topic. The platform is especially favored by anyone involved in the beauty, fashion, fitness, food or photography industries. By adding pins to boards, businesses might also incorporate the details of products and services, location maps and other pertinent information.