Converting Traffic to Leads

As any company that specializes in Las Vegas SEO will point out that generating a lot of traffic is fantastic, but what’s the point if you don’t convert it. It’s not as if search engine optimization and other traffic-generating methods are free. Your site needs to cover those costs as well as the costs of serving content plus actually generate profit. This is where the concept of conversion rate optimization comes in. Maximize CRO in order to maximize your SEO efforts.

Research User Behavior

Analyze session duration and improve it. The amount of time a user spends on your site indicates its quality–Google thinks so, too–and improves its conversion rate. Focus on bounce rate as well. A high bounce rate means you’re not doing enough to lead visitors through your site.

Build Multiple Conversion Paths

A conversion path is as simple as it sounds: a path through which you convert traffic. A path can mean various things in different contexts, however. Your site should be mobile friendly so that you can convert people whether they visit you on a PC, smartphone, tablet or toaster. If you’re selling a product and expect only a 10-percent conversion rate, another way to convert would be to have other income-generating paths, such as clickable ads aimed at the other 90 percent.

Focus on Content as King

The quality of your content is paramount for both SEO and CRO. Content must be valuable in terms of keywords and the like, but it must also be valuable in terms of entertaining and informing your readers. Generate great content first. Optimize it for SEO and CRO second.

Build Links

Link building is an essential aspect of successful CRO. Choose your internal and external links carefully. Nurture them. Be cognizant of the links pointing to your site. Know what poisonous referrals are, and if you have too many of them, use tools, such as Google’s Disavow Tool, to opt out of them. In addition to building links, build your brand, trust and rapport.