Instagram Stories are great for building brands and increasing visibility. There are a few reasons why any entrepreneur should consider trying this feature out.

The Power of InstaStories

Social media is such a huge part of everyday life for so many people. Many people use social media to keep in touch with friends and family. There are also many people who use social media to build a brand and business. If it is tapped into correctly, social media can be used as a powerful force for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. One of the newest ways to tap into the power of social media is through a fun feature within the Instagram app called an Instagram Story. It’s also called an InstaStory.


One of the main issues with a lot of social media apps is the pressure. People want others to like, comment and subscribe because more numbers give a person more credibility. Because everyone can see how many likes or comments are received on a post, a business may feel pressure for others to acknowledges or buy into what’s being put out there. With an InstaStory, no one can like your post. It gives you a sense of social media protection in that no matter what you put out, you won’t be perceived as boring or uninteresting.

Easy Marketing

Instagram automatically flows from one picture to the next. It doesn’t stop showing people’s InstaStories unless you want it to stop. Because it is natural for people to just click and let the stories play automatically, it’s a great opportunity for you to receive many views on your content. If you’re promoting a specific product or service, all your followers will see whatever you’re posting.

Easy Analytics

If you post an InstaStory, you’re able to see how many people viewed it, and you’re even able to see who viewed it. You can get a chance to see who’s interested in what you have to say to determine whether you’re reaching your target audience. This is an ideal situation for any marketer who’s looking to improve their use of social media in Las Vegas.

For an effective social media presence, don’t disregard features like InstaStory within Instagram. With such a non-judgmental way to promote, you’re bound to see growth for your business within this feature.