More Productive SEO via Internal Linking

Whether you’re working on SEO for Las Vegas locals or a website that has broader appeal, internal linking is a valuable tool. These links provide a way to lead readers to other content that may interest them, but it also provides the means to make your destination pages rank higher with Google and other prominent search engines and discovery methods.

Establish Relationships Between Content

When it comes to search engine optimization, relationships matter. A webpage’s relationship to other pages, social media posts and other content helps determine its value. The value of the associated content is what matters. If you have a page the scores well with a particular keyword, an internal link lets you extend that value to other pages as well as boost the value of the source page.

Distribute Link Equity

The notion of distributing link equity goes hand in hand with the idea of creating content associations. Not all pages and links have equal value, and internal links are a way for you to achieve some balance across your site. Don’t link indiscriminately, however. In order for your internal links to have the greatest value, you want them pointing at the most deserving content. To do otherwise is to dilute their value.

Choose Content with Linking Opportunities in Mind

When you create or purchase content, do so with a focus on your linking opportunities. For instance, if a chili recipe on your cooking website is trending well, use that information on the new nachos article you’re writing. Determine what are the keywords and internal and external links that are helping this content score well and how you can use those items within the new content.

Discover Opportunities Through Automated Processes

Recognizing all available internal linking opportunities is difficult on a personal blog and nigh impossible on larger sites. Fortunately, there are tools available that will crawl your site and discover those connections for you. Some of the most popular software tools are open-source and freely available, and many will connect with Google Analytics and similar platforms in order the pair down your choices to the most valuable options.