Ways to Use Video Marketing to Build Your Brand

Ever since Facebook emerged onto the scene, social media hasn’t been the same. There were social media platforms before Facebook, but it really changed the tone and set the bar high in a new way. As a result, people have been able to create jobs, build businesses and gain notoriety from the comfort of their homes and a good Wi-Fi connection. While there are many components involved, social media marketing allows people to reach a wide audience without spending nearly as much as a business owner might pay for a TV commercial. However, to get your brand in front of an audience, you might want to consider utilizing the power of video marketing in these ways.


Take a look at your area of expertise. Whether it’s writing, cooking or styling hair, take a look at the product or service your company offers to the marketplace. Now, take that same skill set and find ways to share valuable content that draws people in. The best way to draw them in is through speaking to a particular pain point they have. If your target audience is people with alopecia, go live and do a ten-minute talk on three tips for dealing with alopecia. Create a list of topics and stream live on Facebook and Instagram. Whether you choose to do it once a week or once a day, it sparks a conversation. With online marketing, it’s one of the best ways to get people to ask questions and engage.


Another powerful form of social media marketing is the Stories feature. Snapchat and Vine first offered this format. Facebook and Instagram quickly followed their lead. Create quick 15-second clips to share throughout the day. With content marketing, people will definitely engage when they see you consistently sharing valuable information. For the Stories format, don’t take yourself as seriously. In a way, it’s like getting a behind-the-scenes peek at your day. Have fun with it, but know that it is a strategic move to make for internet marketing in Las Vegas.


When it’s time to produce the content, don’t forget to use a good camera. Clean the lens of your smartphone’s camera for a clear shot. Natural lighting is always best. Consistency will take your far and always remember to continue to learn and develop your process through it all.