An In-Depth Look at Google’s URL Inspection Tool

In July 2018, Google made their URL inspection tool available for every website. It is easy to access it through the Google Search Engine Console. The tool is designed to give people operating websites a lot of good information. The exciting part of this tool is that it shows you what the company found when they tried to crawl your site so that you can fix any errors.

URL Is on Google

This is like a green light telling you that Google found no overlying issues with any of your pages. Take a deep breath because all your intense work has paid off and you have done all your coding right.

URL Is on Google but Has Indexing Issues

The good news is that your site has been found by Google, so when you fix the issues they will consider ranking your page. Yet, you still have indexing problems that you need to address. Take a quick look at your schema data or your accelerated mobile pages as these are the two areas where problems normally occur.

URL is Not on Google

Seeing this message in the URL inspection tool may be good news. It indicates that Google found your website, but they did not crawl it because they did not think you wanted it crawled. This is often used for backup copies or when you are playing with a new idea, but it is not ready to make public yet.

URL Is an Alt Version

This means that Google found several web pages with duplicate content. It is seen most often when companies create desktop and mobile sites with the same information on both.

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