Realtors and Developers: Move Luxury Inventory With Digital Marketing

Realtors and developers both have the same bottom-line goals: Move luxury inventory off the open market. That’s why a high-end realtor will often approach developers in order to offer their services.

A huge reason why developers partner with realtors is due to the marketing effort the real estate broker invests into selling properties. But with all of the preparation that selling a property entails, especially a high-cost property, the last thing that a broker can afford to do is waste time or money!

Online Marketing Is Cost and Time Efficient

Real estate brokers market and advertise new properties for sale in a variety of ways. They’ll pay for print ads in industry and trade magazines. They’ll hand out business cards and photos of prospective properties at appropriate functions. They’ll also sponsor parties for other brokers, and also, open-house showings for prospective buyers.

Since the marketing broker can’t be everywhere at once, and since they’d love to market to as many people as possible, many are discovering that using online marketing strategies exposes them to a wider range of buyers. In fact, many brokers field calls from international prospects after beginning a digital marketing campaign.

There Are Several Ways to Market Online

There are several ways for a property to be marketed online. One of the most popular methods involves social media marketing. Since luxury properties lend themselves so well to being photographed, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are perfect for attracting prospects.

But branded real estate blogs are also worthy of consideration, too. Blog posts can be marketed with the use of search engine marketing. Otherwise known as SEO, specific keywords are inserted in the body of blog posts. Search engine “spiders” find the keywords, optimizing the blog to appear as close to the top of a search engine query as possible.

Digital Agencies Are a Broker’s Best Friend

Realtors are masters at selling properties, but they might be clueless about digital marketing. That’s why they request services from a Las Vegas digital agency. A Las Vegas SEO firm understands how to package a marketing campaign that makes the broker’s life easier.