Use Negative Keywords for Positive Results

If you’re just learning how to implement a Google Adwords campaign, then you might have learned that your ad will appear based on certain keywords that are plugged into search engine queries.

In many instances, having your ad appear for search engine queries is a good thing, but there are instances when having your ad appear is the last thing that you’d want. Luckily for you, there’s an easy way for you to take control and avoid this from happening.

Simply insert negative keywords into your Adwords campaign. Negative keywords are the phrases that will signal Google’s algorithm that you don’t want your ad to appear when those words or phrases are queried. Below are a couple of reasons why.

You Don’t Want Your Business Attached to Tragedy

Are you in the travel or tourism industry? If so, and if there’s a tragic event that happened recently, then the last thing that you’d want is your happy, inviting advertisement appearing in the search engine results! Not only will your ad appear to be insensitive, but anyone who reads your ad will automatically associate your company name with the tragedy, although your business had nothing to do with it.

And by the way, this rule also applies to any industry in which a tragic event occurred. If it’s upsetting to consumers, then don’t let them make a connection between your business and the event!

Disassociate Your Business from Tire-Kickers

A business exists to generate money. Although there are instances when offering a free trial or a sample is a good marketing strategy, the last thing you want is for tire-kickers wasting your time and sales resources.

Here’s a tip: Plug in negative keyword phrases such as free offer, trial, or no obligation. Doing this will allow the algorithm to hide your ad from anyone who’s not serious about buying your products.

A Digital Agency Understands Negative Phrases That Work for You

You probably have a good idea of how negative keywords work and why you’d want to use them. But if you’re still confused, or if you don’t know how to plug them into your campaign, then a SEO Las Vegas digital agency rep can guide you through the process.