If your small business needs to increase website traffic and boost conversions, there are specific SEO strategies that you can use in order to boost your rankings in all of the major search engines. Understanding how to build your strategy will maximize the benefits of SEO.

Three Advanced SEO Strategies to Use for Your Small Business

If your small business’ website is not ranking on the first page of search engine results, a Las Vegas SEO professional may come up with some helpful solutions to get you noticed. Some of the most effective search engine optimization strategies only need to be implemented once across your website, while other strategies may need an update now and then. Consider these three advanced search engine optimization tips to boost the rankings of your business.

Long-tailed Keywords

It is no longer sufficient to simply use a couple of keywords on your website and call it a day. The old technique of keyword stuffing is also frowned upon by all of the major search engines. Instead of using just one word and blasting it all over your website, consider long-tailed keywords. For example, if you specialize in hand-carved wooden toys, some good long-tailed words for SEO might be “handmade wooden toys for kids” and “wooden toys made by hand.”

Geographic Key Phrases

Your small business needs to stand out from the big box stores. You can make it easier for people to find your website by using geographic key phrases in your SEO. For example, a business located in Columbus, Ohio, might use geographic key phrases such as “Clintonville neighborhood,” “near north” and “north side.”

Image Tagging

Image tagging is also important for SEO. This takes place behind the scenes. Instead of simply tagging an image with the obvious, your website development team can use more descriptive words and phrases that will be identified by the search engines. For example, a photo of a toy wooden train could be tagged with terms such as “hand-made toy train,” “hand-painted toy train” or “hand-carved pine train.” The search engines will trawl through your tags when ranking the site.