Slow websites can lead to reduced sales for both mobile and desktop sites. A delay of just a few seconds can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

The Effect of Page Load Times on Sales

If your website is running slowly, you’re probably losing customers and dropping your search engine ranking. People are used to sites on their PC or smartphone loading in seconds, so an important part of internet marketing in Las Vegas is having a site with a very quick load time.

Speed is a Factor in SEO

One of the metrics that Google uses to determine whether visitors to your site will have a positive experience is your site’s load time. While the search engine hasn’t specified a time limit, you can bet that if your competitors’ sites are loading significantly faster than yours, their sites will also rank better than yours.

Slow Load Time Increases Bounce Rate

It’s not just Google that wants your site to load quickly; potential customers want speed as well. A number of studies have shown that people will leave a site within a few seconds if it hasn’t loaded. Furthermore, even if a visitor does stick around while waiting for your site to load, he or she may still leave before making a purchase if he or she is frustrated by how long it’s taking for pages to show up or items to be added to a shopping cart. A 1-second delay in loading time has been associated with an average 7-percent drop in conversion rates.

Reduce Your Site Load Time

There is a variety of ways that you can reduce how long it takes for your site to load. Along with ensuring that images and media files are compressed, you can confirm that scripts are designed to load quickly so that they won’t keep a page from being displayed. Just a few simple tweaks can make a major difference in your search engine ranking, your conversion rates and your sales.