Understanding how to be successful as a brand on social media can be challenging. However, there are a few simple rules to remember that can really help set the path for future success.

Problems With Social Media Perfection and How to Fix It

When it comes to social media, there are many brands that thrive on perfectly curated content. If you’ve ever visited Instagram pages that are practically perfect in every way, they can sometimes come off as cold and manufactured. This can be off-putting for someone who’s looking for a brand they can truly connect with. In many instances, people aren’t looking for perfection. While it’s good to curate and produce content that’s professional, there are ways around the perfection stigma.

Add Color

A lot of the content that can seem too perfect involves a lot of white space. Break up the monotony with lots of colors. While it’s good to produce a feed filled with complementary colors, make sure they don’t appear incredibly curated and staged. People like authenticity. Try to make your feed reminiscent of real life and the colors that fill it.

Be Vulnerable

If you want to attract a follower who can relate to you, it’s good to be vulnerable. Vulnerability on social media doesn’t equate to you pouring your heart out about a personal loss. As a brand, vulnerability might involve being honest about how excited you were to share your company’s product or service with someone who desperately needed it. You could share the emotion felt behind being the answer to someone’s lingering question. This simple gesture is relatable and can increase your engagement in social media in Las Vegas.


If you sit down and take time to study the trends of social media, you’ll learn about how much people value dealing with other people. They don’t always want to see perfectly polished brands, figures and business reports. Seeing the faces and hearts behind the brand means a lot. Understanding the vision and goals of a company mean a lot too. Once this concept is understood, your brand can reach new heights of social media success.