Kellen, owner of Send It Rising, was a recent guest on the podcast Money for Lunch. Money for Lunch shares inspiring stories about inspirational business men and women as well as celebrities. During the podcast, Kellen and Bert Martinez discussed how to solve some of the potential problems business owners face when running marketing campaigns.

Take cause marketing, for example. There is a lot that a business needs to balance when running such a campaign. A business needs to find a non-profit or cause to work with – one that makes sense for the business’s brand and customers. Then, a business needs to coordinate with the non-profit and consistently work with that non-profit. While volunteering, the business and employees should take video and pictures of their support. These things can be turned into blogs and posted through out the social media world. However, optimizing these blogs and posts for the best reach and engagement can be a whole other beast in itself. Solving this marketing juggling act may come down to the business hiring a marketing professional.

Listen to the podcast here to learn how to navigate these internet marketing opportunities and hurdles.

Solving internet marketing problems - money for lunch podcast