4 Essential Elements of B2B Trust Building Through Content Marketing

According to B2B Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends–North America report over 90 percent of content marketers put their audience’s needs above their company’s needs. The survey that asked over 1,000 marketing experts who had been in the SEO industry for more than one year said the reason that this was vital was to build trust with their audience. Building trustworthy content requires that it have four main traits, according to the study.

Risk Appropriate

It is important that the audience understands why you need the information that they are being asked to provide. For example, if you have a rich library of resources, then you may want to provide an abstract of each one before asking businesses for their data to provide access to the entire paper.

Consistently Provide Valuable Experiences

Business owners and managers are more likely to trust businesses who they see on a regular basis. Therefore, when planning your SEO, make sure that you plan for your organization to be visible in many different places like on social media, your company’s website and other places. Avoid putting all your efforts into one larger project that may not resonate with your audience despite your best efforts.

Personalize Content

Create lists from your targeted audience and send them information that is only pertinent to them. For example, if your company sells to three separate niches, create an email campaign only send the information that is pertinent to them while eliminating other sections. The result is that the end user will feel like you really know and care about their company. Then, they will be more willing to trust you with their business. You may also want to do separate social media accounts for each of your major niches.

Build a User Experience

Do not treat each potential customer as if they have never heard of your brand before. Instead, build on previous experiences to create new needs for your company’s products. View the journey as a cumulative one where you offer added value at each step.

If you are looking to build company-to-company trust, then let us guide you through the experience. Our experienced Las Vegas SEO team stands ready to assist you at each step.