Why Las Vegas Companies Need to Focus on Search Engines

Las Vegas is a world-famous destination with a booming population growth and economy. The millions of tourists that come through this desert city represent lots of opportunity for local businesses (and casinos).

Of course, competition is rather fierce and especially in the tourist industry. Since most people will use the internet to find local information, SEO in Las Vegas is quite the challenge.

Target Global SEO

When taking account that most money coming into the state is from tourists coming for casinos and nightlife, it is important to dominate global search rankings. This means keywords like “bars in Las Vegas” and similar niche queries.

Unlike social media, SEO will result in growing results from people searching for information. The legwork going behind it includes off-page SEO (like guest posts), search engine sitemap submission, optimizing for mobile platforms, keyword targeting and improving one’s content. While all of this may be picked at by a business owner, competitive niches should be off-loaded to an SEO firm.

Target Local SEO

When tourists are in the area, they will be searching from their hotel rooms. Certain techniques need to be implemented in order to make it to the top of generic searches from Las Vegas IP addresses.

Let’s also not discount the fact that Las Vegas has a growing population of locals, meaning local search opportunities from both angles. In fact, it is the third fastest growing city in the United States.

This is why special optimization hacks need to be implemented so that your business is picked up by Google as being Las Vegas-specific. This may include things like implementing a local address, submitting business to Google maps, and off-site backlinks on Las Vegas websites.


With the web penetration so high around the world and in Las Vegas, search engine optimization is the perfect way to have a global presence in this crazy city. As you climb the search engine results, you will certainly notice more customers at your doorstep.