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Instagram Content Creation and Your Brand

Instagram is an interesting platform filled with funny memes, celebrity gossip, beautiful fashion bloggers and more. It’s a great platform to build a strong platform and it really doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. Take a look at someone like Dr. Sandra Lee. She’s built a strong following where she literally pops zits as a dermatologist. If you’re passionate about your topic of choice, there are usually many other people who are just as passionate as you are. The key is to make sure that your content reflects this. There are a few avenues to consider when you’re developing your content.

Visual Graphics

Your Instagram feed is equivalent to a first impression. Before many people decide to follow you and really buy into your brand, they’ll peruse old photos. Some people prefer to delete old photos that aren’t really in line with the current brand. Cohesiveness is important to social media in Las Vegas. To start, choose a few colors that are complementary and stick with posting photos in those color schemes. To keep things simple, some brand builders use black and white graphics for their entire feed. Others prefer to stick with an all-white theme. Plan visual graphics in advance. If you are a motivational speaker, take a few lines from your speeches and create a few word graphics that you can share on a regular basis. Make sure that a photographer takes pictures of you at your next speaking engagement. This will help you continue to show others that you’re available to speak and are getting in front of audiences.

Video Content

Video content is really crucial and important if you’re looking to build a brand. It’s as simple as getting in front of a window, turning on your smartphone camera and recording a minute-long video. Make sure your content is succinct, interesting and consistent. It’s also wise to do a live feed on a schedule. Whether you go live every single day or once a week at the same scheduled time, be consistent with sharing. The more you share the video content, the more views you’ll receive. As you receive more views, you’ll be able to gain more exposure and followers.

Hashtags and Captions

There are two trains of thought regarding captions and hashtags. Some people welcome long captions with multiple paragraphs as they deliver value. Other people log on to Instagram and have no desire to read a mini-article under a picture. Neither audience is wrong. The key is to figure out which strategy rings true for you. If you have lots of words to share, there’s an audience for that. Furthermore, you’ll want to use strategic hashtags as keywords so that you can connect with the right people. As long as you maintain an understanding of these components, you’ll be well on your way to creating an effective Instagram feed that attracts the following you truly want.