Your Instagram Feed: Best Practices for Solopreneurs

If you’re building a brand as a solopreneur, it makes sense to use social media. Social media can really help you catapult your business into success as you’re able to access millions of people. After signing up and creating your account, it’s time to produce content and build. However, many brands struggle to find their footing and excel with platforms like Instagram for various reasons. The Instagram feed is a major component of the platform and it’s essential to learn quickly. If you hone in on these best practices, you’ll have a better time building a strong presence on Instagram.

Video Content

Content is king, but video content hits the top of the content list. On Instagram, most brand builders are inclined to use beautiful photos as their weapon of choice. However, people love video content and are gravitating toward it more. The platforms are in tune with this fact and so their algorithms give video content creators an advantage. Share more bite-sized video content within your feed. You can easily edit it through programs like iMovie and you’ll gain the visibility you desire.

Live Feed

To take the video content to the next level, it’s wise to go live on a consistent basis. Going live may seem intimidating and difficult, but it’s best to just start and see where it goes. The more consistent you become with the live feed, the more comfortable you’ll become with internet marketing in Las Vegas. If it makes you feel more comfortable, plan the topics you’re going to talk about. Gather no more than three points and become intentional about effective speech. If you’re not a strong public speaker, this is an opportunity to work on it and become better. Plus, your viewers are a lot less intimidating than you realize. People love to see that others have flaws and are working to become better. Don’t let fear keep you from going live on your feed. Live feeds will only continue to get bigger and more popular in the social media world.


For continual social media growth, you have to keep your head in the game. Don’t quit. You need to learn adaptability as well. Things change so quickly with these platforms so always keep your ear to the ground to know what’s on the horizon. Once you figure it out, create a new strategy that continues to be conducive to your growth.