Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Marketing Campaigns

These days, it is almost mandatory to advertise on the internet. An increasing number of people either research a product or service online or make their purchase through an online portal. Therefore, your company needs to advertise where its target market is located. However, how do you know that you are getting the highest rate of return for your marketing dollars?

What Metrics Are Most Important?

The metrics that you want to use to measure the success of a marketing campaign depend largely on the campaign’s goal. For instance, if you are looking to increase ad clicks, you will want to look at the click-through rate (CTR) for a given search engine or banner ad. If the goal is to increase traffic from a certain demographic, you will want to use your analytics tool to see where your traffic comes from. It can also be used to determine the age or other information about those who visit your site through an advertisement.

Create Projections Before a Campaign Begins

Typically, a company will create targets that they would like a digital marketing campaign to meet before they begin. For instance, they may want to increase their conversion rate to 6 percent or use paid SEO tactics to reduce their customer acquisition cost to $1.

You can create your own targets based on what your goals are for a marketing campaign. If the results don’t meet the targets set, it may mean that that the campaign is not meeting expectations. However, it may also mean that you need to go back and assess whether the expectations were realistic to begin with.

Good Planning Is Key to Successful Internet Marketing

Understanding your online marketing goals can help tailor an ad campaign that is effective in attracting customers while staying on budget. Working with a Las Vegas internet marketing firm may also make it possible to gain brand exposure without going over your budget.