How to Construct a Compelling Headline

If you are trying to get someone to read your content, you have to give them a compelling reason to do so. By creating an exciting, unique or attention grabbing headline, you give a reader the incentive needed to read the rest of the post. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best headlines are created and how they can help increase engagement with your blog.

Be Concise When Describing Your Content

Ideally, a blog headline will have fewer than five words, which translates to about 65 characters or so including spaces. This is done partially because search engines may not display headlines or titles that are longer than this. It is also a good guideline to follow because most readers will simply scan headlines for something interesting to read. If you can’t catch their attention quickly, you won’t get the clicks that you are after. Make sure that the headline uses targeted keywords to increase the odds that the blog post itself is ranked higher in search engine results.

Offer Something of Value to the Reader

Readers may need to be convinced to click on your post as opposed to other content that is just as easy for them to access. Therefore, be sure to create a value proposition within the headline. For instance, you could offer to show the reader how to make money in the upcoming year or how to build a better professional network. Using words like easy or effective in the title may help to convince the reader that he or she is going to learn something useful by reading your content.

Think of Your Readers When Creating an SEO Strategy

Ideally, you will think of your audience or target audience when creating headlines or titles for content. Contacting a Las Vegas SEO professional may make it easier to create content that will catch a person’s eye and hopefully increase traffic to your blog.