PPC Marketing: Make Them Click Now

Everyone’s seen pay-per-click, or PPC ads. Those are the ads located either on the right side or at the bottom of a Google search engine results page. But unfortunately for many digital marketers, the average consumer ignores the ads.

This is either because the ads are boring, they don’t address consumer concerns, or they aren’t giving the consumer a solid reason to click and engage. Here’s a few types of ad content strategies you should use if you want to leverage your ad spend while attracting more site visitors on your landing page.

Discover your ad’s voice

Too many ads are all the same. They’ll list the name of a company, perhaps an address and telephone number, and a line or two about the types of services the company offers. Boring. So why do so many digital marketers continue to use ad copy that yields little to no results?

It’s because they don’t know any better. Let’s face it – the average owner/operator of a company doesn’t have the skills or the inclination to write ad copy. The good news is, attractive ad copy can be easily produced once an ad voice is discovered and used.

Are you writing an ad to attract pet lovers? Appeal to their sense of compassion for the animals. Are you advertising products on sale? Produce an ad that reads like action must be taken, immediately.

Answer your prospect’s questions

One of the top two reasons why millions of people perform Google searches is to gain answers to questions. You can use this to your advantage by answering questions within the body of your ad copy.

For example, perhaps a prospective hair client needs a walk-in appointment the day before a major event. If your salon accepts last-minute walk-ins, then highlight this in your ad copy. Do you offer no-questions-asked product refunds or exchanges? Let your prospective customers know.

Create warm, personable ad copy

It’s a known fact in marketing that consumers do business with those that they know, like, and trust. While they might not know you personally, you can produce ad copy that makes site visitors feel that they’re engaging with a friend or a confidant.

Writing ad copy doesn’t come naturally to most, and that’s why it’s often wise to leave the task to a social media Las Vegas digital agency that also specializes in PPC ads.