3 Examples of Why Realtors Should Leverage Social Media

As any realtor knows, unless they commit to marketing their services and their real estate inventory, they won’t make any sales. The smart realtor leverages a variety of marketing strategies in order to make sales.

A strategy that deserves every realtor’s attention is social media marketing. Social media for realtors allows them to use free social media platforms natively in order to attract prospects, answer questions, and convert lookers into buying clients.

Below are a few examples of how realtors can use social media prospecting to convert and sell.

Instagram The Home of Their Dreams

Instagram is a social media platform that’s mostly about sharing and commenting on visual content. Platform users take photos, upload them, and share thoughts for their account subscribers to comment on.

Since real estate buyers definitely want to know what their future property will look like, creating an Instagram account that features real estate inventory is a must! When potential buyers look at the photos, they’ll take the next steps to set up an appointment to see the property in person. Also, Instagram works for social media branding purposes.

Answer Questions and Educate With Facebook Live

Sometimes, a potential real estate client wants questions answered. And sometimes, they’ll want to be convinced that they should do business with you, the realtor. You can address both of these issues by creating and uploading video content for Facebook.

Not only can you upload pre-recorded clips, but you can also feature free webinars via the Facebook Live feature. This allows you to interact with potential clients in real time. Then you can invite webinar attendees to contact you to set up appointments for showings.

Tweet Hot Pieces of Information

Sometimes, you’ll need to get information out to the masses in a hurry. Perhaps you’ve landed a hot tip on new property. Maybe you’re going to spend a good chunk of your day in a certain part of town, and you’d like for prospects and current clients to find you.

Twitter is designed for sending out short blasts of information that your followers can easily read on their phones or their laptops. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to use social media. Account managers who specialize in social media Las Vegas content can help you to create a marketing strategy that will lead to a fuller prospect pipeline.