The Power of Live Video Marketing

Video marketing is an incredible tool for engaging an audience. It’s why so many people and companies upload to YouTube and why many are turning to live streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube Live.

In fact, experts attest to how video marketing increases conversion rates by up to 80 percent beyond simple text. This is one of the reasons why any Las Vegas business should invest more in live video marketing where applicable.

Engaging the Audience

Live video feeds add more of an engagement factor when it comes to the target audience. This is especially true if you offer some form of direct chat to answer questions. It gives consumers the feeling they are part of something special.

In some studies, nearly three-quarters of people who watched a video regarding how to use a product bought that particular item.

Video Use Is Constantly Growing

Every year, people are watching more video content. In fact, Cisco predicts video to take up 82 percent of all Internet traffic by 2021. As a result, more businesses are moving to those platforms to help get their content in front of the most people possible.

It’s such a popular method of absorbing online content that many businesses are having trouble keeping up with complementary bandwidth. For instance, hotels and other businesses in Las Vegas often provide free Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, the amount of data being streamed is often too great to keep up with the demand.

A High Return on Investment

When it comes to marketing, an important factor to consider is the return-on-investment. How much you make if you spend “X” amount of dollars on a strategy affects your bottom line. According to reports, about 83 percent of businesses state video marketing has a good return rate.

Regardless of your needs, investing in Internet marketing in Las Vegas has potential to increase your brand’s awareness. Add a live video campaign and this potential increases.

Whether you use YouTube or Vimeo, video campaigns help. Engage your audience beyond words on a screen and connect with them directly.