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Your business needs quality pictures.

That statement is old news in 2021. However, we continue to notice that most clients struggle with regularly taking, editing, and sharing photo content. Sure, every business needs high-quality professional photographs. They also need fun candid shots of day-to-day life in the office, videos that showcase employee culture, updated product photos, and rotating social media content beyond the perfectly posed group team shot you took three years ago.

Getting into the habit of regularly taking and sharing photos probably seems a bit daunting, but the hardest part is starting. Once you commit and regularly incorporate updated imagery into your website, social channels, and online listings, the benefits and ROI of quality photos are undeniable. Here are six easy steps to make it happen:


  1. Invest in a Camera. 

With today’s technology, it’s pretty easy to pick up a high-quality camera for under $1000. As a business owner, owning a quality camera for in-house use should be considered an essential business item. The Sony Alpha a6000 is a perfect example of a small, quality camera that takes sharp photos, but it is still easy to use.

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  1. Take pictures of everything. 

Did your company fundraise for a local animal shelter? Document it!

Hosting a competitive employee Wii tournament? Show us!

As a photographer, I have learned that there is no such thing as “too many photos.” When I am shooting for a client or project, I will typically shoot 100 photos for every one photo chosen. Take photos of team bonding, new products, new displays, storefronts, community involvements, Sarah’s funny coffee cup, or Joe’s Karaoke take-down at your post-COVID holiday party. Not only can it help humanize your brand and encourage employee engagement, but it is A+ content for your brand.


  1. Rule of thirds.  

The subject should never be in the center of the frame. Instead, the subject should sit on one of the “Rule of Thirds” lines. This might sound backward, but it’s the golden rule of photography. When you look at photos moving forward, take note of where the subject is. Most time, they will be slightly off-center. Why? Because it creates a unique composition and balances the image. Many cameras (and phones) also have a “Rule of Thirds” setting to integrate the grid directly while shooting.


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  1. Subtly incorporate branded colors. 

If you don’t already have a brand kit, that’s the first step. From there, whenever you update or take imagery for the business, try to incorporate colors that match your overall brand. For example, let’s say your primary brand color is purple. If you are shooting a new product to feature in your Christmas newsletter, add a purple bow. If you are shooting branded images of an employee working at his/her desk, have them use a purple pen. They are subtle touches but can improve branded imagery significantly.


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  1. Buy an editing program.

You’d be surprised what a little editing can do. I took the snapshot below this morning of a desk. It’s an okay photo, but it can be a lot better. I hopped into Adobe Lightroom and made a couple of adjustments that give the photo a more appealing aesthetic. If no one in your company is an editing-wiz, don’t worry. There are plenty of Lightroom presets available to purchase online. Find a set that fits your branded look and download it into Lightroom. From there, you can edit an entire series of photos with a click of a button. Photography packages on Adobe start at $10/month, and you can easily purchase presets for under $10.


  1. Separate photos by platform 

Once you start compiling photo assets, decide where you want to use them. For example, more professional photos should always be used on LinkedIn. If you are trying to humanize your brand and show the fun side, use those photos for Instagram + Facebook. Interior or exterior shots of your business should go directly on Google My Business. Upload the finished photos to a program such as Google Drive and organize them based on category: website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Yelp, etc.

Remember, telling your branded story is the most crucial aspect of every photo. They don’t need to be perfect, and they don’t need to be shot by a professional. Grab a camera, get creative, and have fun with your business and employees. You might be surprised just how well it all works out! 

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