SEO requires the right density and types of keywords and phrases. Knowing the basics of optimizing your site is a great way to increase your online business.

Making SEO Work for Your Online Business

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is a simple term that refers to the optimization of your website. Using the right keywords and phrases will lead to an increase in your page ranking, which will get more people to your site. You need to understand both the proper density to use and the right words and phrases to focus on.

Choosing Keywords and Phrases

Have you ever visited a website before and found a random link or word inserted in the middle of the page? You might read an article on fixing a broken taillight and come across a mention of a hat store or promotional item. Those sites use those keywords to lure in readers and increase page views without realizing that those words can harm them. Readers do searches for specific keywords and want to find websites focused around those keywords. If you cram your site full of words and phrases that don’t match the theme of the site, you can expect readers to check out the page and quickly leave.

Following Density Rules

It wasn’t that long ago that some of the highest-ranked pages featured similar words and phrases dozens of times in even the shortest of articles. Google keeps changing its algorithm to make those pages rank lower. You typically want to aim for a density of around 3 percent. In a 500-word article, you should use your primary keyword or phrase no more than 15 times. A Las Vegas SEO company can help you learn more about proper keyword density, help you select the right phrases and words, and teach you how to use those words on your site.

Get More Traffic

Getting more traffic to your site can help you make more sales, get more readers, and make more money. The secret to getting more traffic is with proper SEO techniques. Using the right phrases and keywords in the proper density can help you make more sales through viewers.