Jingle to the Bank with These Holiday SEO Tips

If you are a marketer, then you need to think about your holiday SEO playbook for 2018. Getting an early start means that you will be ready when the time comes. Research shows that you need to start your holiday SEO at least 45 days before you want it to be effective. Therefore, you need to have your holiday plans well laid out by November 10, 2018. Here are some key ideas you may want to consider.

Use Long-tail Keywords

Using long-tail keywords may pay huge dividends during the holiday season. As the name suggests, these keywords are longer than normal, and they may include the name of a particular product or a particular location. For example, if you are a toy store, then you might to want to include “Pomsies Plush Interactive Toys in stock” or “buy the hottest holiday toys in Las Vegas” in your internet marketing.

Create Buyers Guides

Use social media to your advantage during the holiday shopping season by releasing gift buying guides. Start by considering who your target audience is and then use that to decide who you would buy gifts for that person. Then, write a buyers guide targeted towards that demographic. For example, if you are a seller of bridal jewelry, then you might release a guide for the top 10 items every holiday bride has on her Christmas list targeted at grooms. Google loves to post buyers guides that have been written in the last 30 days, so consider writing another guide with the word “best” in it around Thanksgiving.

Link to Reviews

If you are too busy to write your own buyers guide, then create a curated list of product reviews on this year’s top presents in your niche market. That way, you do not have to do all the research yourself, but can share useful information with your audience about the products that you carry when they are looking for them most.

The holidays will be here soon. Do not let the largest retail time of the year get away from you because you do not have a good SEO in Las Vegas plan in place.