How Keyword Research Can Improve Your Brand

You might be confused with the never-ending supply of SEO tools on the market. These tools can be helpful, but they require years of experience to effectively use. There is a way of doing keyword research without trying to figure out the technology you don’t understand. Welcome to the world of SEO.

Here are some recommended steps to cutting your Las Vegas SEO work down to a reasonable load.

1. Go Straight to the Search Engines

Search engines cost nothing to use, and you know how to. Making small adjustments to how you see this tool is priceless when researching keywords. Your first consideration is your niche. This is the industry you work in. Determine it by asking questions about what you offer.

Answering these questions should create a brand image. Now, what are the major phrases and words that come to mind when you think about your brand, the product or service it has; and the people it relates to? These phrases and words are not about describing your agency but instead about defining your market.

2. See What Comes Up

Now use those phrases in the online search bar and see what comes up. Be sure to add location if you’re reliant on people knowing where you are. Make a list of the results you get. Your objective is to mix and match your phrases in a way that no competitors appear if using words relevant to you.

3. Begin to Build Your Campaign

Begin to rely on the words and phrases that have little competition. You can eventually compete with more challenging phrases, but start with concepts that you’re sure will rank. Work towards building your SEO by including more advanced terms as your brand strengthens.

Your Final Consideration

Use your keywords by placing them into headlines, the first 100 words of your content pages and in your sub heads. The higher you reach in search results, the more you can add competitive words to your SEO. Take your SEO in Las Vegas seriously, and remember that you can ask for help when you need it.