Negative Keywords: Why They Should Be Embraced

Usually, when you hear of something being referred to in a negative sense, your first reaction is to avoid it. But in the case of promoting your website via a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, you’ll want to incorporate negative keywords.

In short, these are keywords that you’ll ask Google to consider whenever any random person types in keyword phrases into the search query section of Google. But instead of allowing an ad leading to your site’s landing page to appear in the search engine results, the negative keyword will prevent your ad from appearing.

But don’t you want for your ad to appear? Isn’t that why you’re paying for an Adwords campaign? Truth is, there are instances when you don’t want your ad to appear for certain keyword matches.

Avoiding Ads That Appear Under Disparaging Phrases

Part of the reason why you pay for marketing campaigns is to ensure that an ad to your landing page appears as often as possible. But with this said, you also need to be aware of your business brand.

This means that you don’t want your ad to appear under searches that include disparaging phrases. This includes words that make your brand or your products look bad, inferior, faulty, or unattractive in any way.

Let’s suppose that you sell sweaters. While you want to attract customers for sweaters, you don’t want your ad to appear under the search term “ugly holiday sweaters.”

Avoiding Industry Scandals

Let’s suppose that you own a travel agency. Your goal is to attract travelers who are looking for locations to visit via cruise ships. You have the best intentions by marketing your agency, but the worst thing that could happen is for your business branding to be associated with the search term “cruise ship disasters.”

On the other hand, treating “cruise ship disasters” as a negative keyword to apply within your Google campaign will hide your company’s name from anyone searching for cruise ship disaster information.

Avoiding Wasted Spending by Consulting PPC Professionals

It can seem like there’s a lot of complicated rules to keep in mind for your Google Adwords campaign. That’s why you should leave the task to professionals who specialize in internet marketing in Las Vegas. They’ll steer your campaign away from wasted ad spending while directing the right traffic to your landing pages.