To properly communicate with your intended target markets, it’s vital to ensure your writing matches your brand. Technical writing is exact, firm, factual, and straight to the point. Storytelling draws consumer emotions and aims to relate to readers. Both represent powerful tools for your website and online brand. However, these two writing styles rarely work well together in a single written component.

Why? Because not only does it showcase a lack of consistency, it often confuses potential clients as to who you are as a brand.


Technical Writing

Technical writing is often used for businesses who have highly-complex topics to convey to readers. You’ll often find this style of writing in realms such as law, computer science, technology, and finance. Many times, technical writing needs to be well-thought out and precise because strict laws and regulations revolve around the businesses. If writing strays off the path, legality can become a major issue for companies.

The style of writing holds a few distinguishing characteristics. Think of a manual for your laptop. The language within the manual is detailed, structured, clear, and to-the-point. The overall goal of the writing is to convey a complex message in the purest form possible.



When we think of storytellers, we often think of bloggers. However, storytelling is a powerful business tool that can make-or-break your brand. To accurately convey who you are, what you stand for, and where you’re going as a business, you’ll need to write it. More importantly, you’re going to need to write it in a way that will keep readers attention. The best non-technical brands incorporate stories and emotional writing into every aspect of their online presence, whether it be for products, websites, or social media.

Whether you are a photographer, florist, family-owned business, fashion outlet, or construction company: your story sells.


What’s your story?

Whether an innovative start-up, trendy boutique, app developer, or Las Vegas internet marketing company, uniform branded writing is essential across all online platforms. Writing is a business superpower. If you use it well, it encompasses the power to launch your brand. Various businesses have established their base solely through storytelling through online platforms such as Instagram. On the flip side, the most respected and prominent law firms, medical practices, and financial resources have one thing in common: how they portray their information to readers.

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This piece was written by Send it Rising’s content manager, Shalee Blackmer.