When you think of the big players in social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are probably the first names that come to mind. But another one to watch is Pinterest. But SEO companies in Las Vegas will tell you that despite its young age (in the social media world), Pinterest has not gone unnoticed. With all the benefits it offers, it can provide big benefits for your small business.


What is Pinterest?

Like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest is a social media platform. What distinguishes Pinterest from its peers is that it uses pictures and videos, rather than text and ads, to attract attention. Pinterest users, who are called “pinners,” share and develop new interests by posting images or videos to the site. They can also view pictures, videos, recipes, and other visual items that others post. This instant accessibility can have tremendous power. Say, for instance, that you’re an aspiring chef who posts a picture of a beautiful dessert you made on Pinterest. If a top chef happens to spot it and thinks “wow, I’m impressed!”, you are in luck.


Pinterest in Numbers

Currently, Pinterest has over 100 million users with active profiles. Every month, the site gets over 11 million unique (first-time) visitors. Of those visitors, an overwhelming majority (80%) are female. Once people land on Pinterest, they are slow to leave. And they invite their friends in for fun too. Research shows that people spend more time on Pinterest than they do on other top social media sites (Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter) combined.


Pinterest Connects

Although it’s new, Pinterest is indeed not struggling to get on its feet. It also has millions of users who visit its site to post images each day. This means a lot of exposure for pinners. It’s also a playground for brands looking to reach a broad base quickly. What’s perhaps even more impressive is that Pinterest is responsible for more than five percent of all referral traffic in the world. Only Facebook beats that! What this means is that people go beyond Pinterest to share what they have found there. In other words, they spread ideas and consumer interest across the web. Any social media company in Las Vegas will assure you that Pinterest is one marketing strategy you’ll want on your team.


Pinners Spend Money

Having customers browse your products is nice, but when they take action, it’s even better. Surveys show that about 87% of Pinterest users have made a purchase before because they were influenced by what they saw on Pinterest. And it wasn’t nickels and dimes, either – their average one-time expenses were nearly $60!


Social media sites come and go, but Pinterest appears to be here to stay. This fan-favorite site has millions of followers around the world. And unlike other sites, its users are strongly influenced by what they see. With the power to show off pictures and attract consumers with similar interests, Pinterest is a win-win for consumers and companies.