Winning The Off-Site SEO War

While many marketers focus almost solely on on-site search engine optimization(SEO), it is important to win the war against your competitors with off-site SEO. There are three elements that you need to keep in mind to win the off-site SEO war.

Build a Better Brand

There is no way that you can win off-site SEO until you take care of your customers by offering them a better product. You also need a top-notch customer service department that is equipped to help customers effectively when there is a problem.

Connect with Your Audience

You need to be constantly interacting with your targeted audience. While you will want to post outstanding content often, spend time listening to them and their concerns. After all, they are the people who are using your product regularly, and they often have the best ideas. A great place to do this is on social media. If your industry has specific forums where they congregate, make sure to be an active participant. Since many people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, make it easy for people to post reviews of your company. Spend time thanking them for positive reviews and responding professionally to negative ones.

Write Great Content

It is essential that you publish content regularly in places that your target audience will see it. If your audience loves to hang out on social media, then write content structured to do well there. Try connecting with influencers to get them to promote your products. Think about content that people will want to share with their friends because it is meaningful or because it is hilarious. When you produce content that people want to share, you will naturally gain links back to your site. Google and other search engines may start paying more attention to your content causing you to rise in their organic rankings.

Pause for a moment to ponder your own off-site SEO. Think of it like a three-legged stool. If you have a short leg, then contact your Las Vegas SEO experts.