Today, everyone expects to get what they want, when they want it. From 24/7 customer service to companies like Amazon that offer online everything, the world expects fast, reliable service. If you conduct business online, you know how important (and transformative) it was to have a website when the internet craze began. Now, having a website is not enough. The technologies of smartphones and internet have crossed paths, which means that if you’re not accommodating both, you are missing out. If you haven’t adopted mobile to your website, here are reasons to start.


The World is Going Mobile

Statistics show that mobile-based web transactions are not just a convenience. They’re vital. More than half (52%) of web-based sales are carried out by mobile devices. And that number is steadily rising. Add to that statistic the fact that more people worldwide are expected to have smartphones in the coming years, and you’ll see that there is plenty of opportunities to catch them. This is especially true for small businesses. As of 2017, only 56% of small companies had a mobile-friendly website. Clearly, there is room for improvement!

Interestingly, research shows that while having a mobile-friendly website is advantageous to businesses, that’s only if they have a properly designed site. While customers like to have the convenience of mobile shopping and business at their fingertips, they can also become easily frustrated if they have a bad user experience. The same number of people who use mobile devices for online transactions (52%) say that they won’t make mobile purchases or engage in any mobile business activity with companies who lack a user-friendly mobile site.


There is Tremendous Potential for Success

Between the number of people who are using their smartphones for everything and the number of people who want a good user experience, there is plenty of opportunities to keep customers satisfied! Luckily, quality website design in Las Vegas can make your site more user-friendly. Where many companies struggle is in adapting their desktop sites to mobile-friendly sites. How many times have you visited a website on your phone, only to find that parts were cut off, the text was too big or small, or you couldn’t load images? These problems might seem minor, but they can cause big problems (ranging from less brand loyalty to lost revenue) if companies don’t make a change. Considering that the attention span of humans dropped 30% between 2000 and 2017, it doesn’t take much for customers to leave your site, and probably go to a competitor’s, if they’re not happy.

For many companies, “going mobile” sounds promising, but they haven’t yet made the switch. And some have taken their first steps in creating a mobile-friendly site, but still have work to do. Others have jumped on the bandwagon and stand out as shining stars. Wherever your company falls on that spectrum, it’s apparent that if you don’t embrace mobile accessibility, you’ll fall behind. A web designer Las Vegas can help you create a winning site that makes customers happy.