4 Reasons the Load Speed of Your Website is Critical

It’s not speed that kills. In website development, it’s lack of it that could be life-threatening to your company.

As a leading Las Vegas website design company, when we speak of speed in this context it refers to how quickly our clients’ web pages load. Here’s why it matters.

We all have insanely short attention spans.

Blame the MTV generation, if you will. For whatever reason, we expect fast results when we do anything. That’s certainly true on the Internet. In fact, studies have shown that about half of Internet users will abandon the page load if it takes more than a couple seconds. That’s impatience!

If you don’t give web users what they want, one of your competitors will.

In the old days, you only had to worry about the rivals in your town. If yours was one of three local hardware stores, you only had to be concerned about what the other two were doing in terms of service, pricing, and product selection. As long as you could keep up with them, you were okay.

Now you’re up against the world. It’s just as easy to order online from a local store as from one at the other end of the country. Or the world. If customers feel that your site takes too long to load, they’ll simply go on to the next site selling the same product mix or providing the same information.

We’re sometimes in desperate need of quick answers.

Yes, web users are often just an impossibly impatient lot. But sometimes we really do need a fast response. If we’re in our cars and deciding whether to drop in for a meal at your restaurant we need to use our mobile devices to find out NOW whether you’re open or which credit cards you accept.

Speed impacts user experience.

First impressions are meaningful. If your website takes too long to load, shoppers are already out of the mood. It’s like showing up for a job interval with a coffee-stained tie. That alone might not be enough of a mistake to get a turndown for the position, but you haven’t helped yourself any. If your poor neckwear choice combines with one wrong answer, you’re out of there.

Same thing when it comes to the load speed of your website. Even if a slow load isn’t enough to chase away your customers on their first visits, they won’t be in a good mood once they are in. One price point that looks too high or difficult page layout and they’re out of there. And once they’re gone, they’re not coming back.

Call us for answers. As a leading marketing company Las Vegas, we know how to help you boost page loading speeds and succeed in the world of digital e-commerce in numerous other ways.