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In the beginning, creating a website was a big deal. It required expertise, programming knowledge, and unique talent. As the popularity of the web has grown over the past decade, so have the tools. Today, many web hosting and creation platforms are available, designed to put website creation into the hands of just about anyone.

WordPress is one of the oldest and most popular hosting platforms, and it’s also one of the strongest. Here’s why you should use this free and open-source platform.

It’s Powerful

Although WordPress started as a blogging tool, it has now become an amazing website creator and content management system. As it has evolved over the years, WordPress has become much more flexible. In fact, a recent study showed that anywhere from one third to one-half of all websites are WordPress ones.

It’s Customizable

Since most of the users of WordPress are not programmers or graphic designers, the platform provides thousands of free templates to make website creation easy. Select a theme for just about any kind of business, website, or online shop. Then, you can easily make it your own because you can simply change the colors, backgrounds, and fonts as well as upload your own logos, images, and pictures.

Plugins make it easy to add unique functionality to your website including contact forms, analytic tools, and membership sections. Thousands of free plugins are available, and you can pick and choose the ones that work best for your site. Add things like testimonials, extra security, or membership areas to your site.

And this is available to you, not only at the beginning of your site, but all the time. That means you can change up or freshen your site as often as you want to, keeping the content new and interesting and encouraging your visitors to keep coming back.

It’s SEO Friendly

If you don’t want to delve into SEO standards and stress about whether potential customers or visitors will ever be able to find your site, you can rely on WordPress to help here as well.

The platform uses standard high-quality code and semantic mark-ups, which makes search engines rank WordPress sites high on results lists. With this framework, search engines can easily crawl through WordPress sites and understand which websites best match which searchers. In addition, SEO plugins can be added to further optimize your site.

It’s Easy To Manage

Both a WordPress dashboard and mobile apps are available so you can easily manage updates, plugins, templates, and security with a click of a button. WordPress can automatically back up your site with a plugin to protect it from hackers.

It also has a built-in uploader so you can add video files, images, and audio files in a snap. WordPress also makes it easy to embed Tweets, YouTube videos, Instagram photos, and Soundcloud audio through a post editor. That means transparent communication with social media outlets.

Once you install WordPress, you can be up and running immediately. Just about all major servers have a WordPress connection so you can easily move from one server to another with little to no downtime.

It’s Secure

Although WordPress is open-source designed with security in mind, you can tap into the security guide and access additional tools to further protect your site and information. WordPress is always working to better its content management system as well as provide advanced plugins and extensions to keep your site safe.

It’s Mobile-Friendly

With so many people accessing the web on personal devices, major search engines are ranking sites that are not mobile-friendly lower on results lists. WordPress templates will automatically provide a mobile view if your visitor is accessing your site on a device.

It’s Widely Supported

Because so many people use WordPress, there’s a huge online support system that provides answers to questions, troubleshooting help, basic guidance, and general assistance. In addition, many online forums exist where community members can help one another navigate the tool.

It’s Easy to Integrate

Many third-party providers have plugins and extensions that can be quickly and easily integrated into the WordPress platform. Social media integration is also easy as WordPress provides a clear cut channel to welcome those commenting from social media or to reach out to various social media platforms.

It’s Easy to Schedule Content

WordPress allows you to schedule your content at optimal times. This increases your efficiency because you can create your content in one block of time, and simply release it throughout the day or the week. By combining this ability with data regarding your highest-traffic times, you can maximize exposure to your content without having to constantly be posting new information.

It’s Team Friendly

If you’re using WordPress with a large group of people or as part of a big company, you can assign different roles to different people, which allows your team to share the work of managing your site. Here are the available roles:

Super Admin: Has complete website access
Administrator: Has access to administrative features
Editor: May publish, approve or remove content
Author: May publish content
Contributor: May write and submit content for approval
Subscriber: May write and edit personal profile

It’s Constantly Improving

The open-source nature of WordPress means that it’s constantly getting better. You don’t just have one company or person making improvements; you have thousands of users with great ideas sharing them with all WordPress users.

Whether you’re a law firm internet marketing Las Vegas, an individual setting up a personal site, a community club looking for a membership site, or a corporation, WordPress can provide what you need to create a powerful website. Check-in with an SEO company Las Vegas to learn more about how WordPress can help you build your business.