It wasn’t long ago that having a website, even a bad one, was good enough. Today, that’s no longer the case. Attention spans have gotten shorter over time, and the competition is fierce enough that another company with a better website is waiting to snap up your frustrated prospects.

Before you start or revamp your website, take a look at these three things you should avoid doing in your website design Las Vegas.

One: Don’t Forget a Clear Message

You have about one-half-second these days to catch the attention of a new visitor. That means there’s no time for obscure, overly creative, or cluttered home pages that don’t clearly state what your company offers.

Be sure that you tell what your company does and why it stands above the rest in a clear, brief message. Make your home page buttons large and highlight essential things such as products, services, testimonials, awards, and industry partners.

Two: Don’t Make It Hard to Navigate

If you manage to pass the half-second opening snag, you want to make sure your site is easy to read and navigate. Several factors can play a role in this crucial area:

* Minimize loading speeds. Remember short attention spans.
* Don’t include lots of buttons that open multiple browser windows. This can quickly clutter a desktop and make it confusing to find what you’re looking for.
* Use clear, contrasting fonts and colors, and make sure words are large enough to read.
* Stick to commonly accepted website formats, which means place menus, logos, contact information, and about us buttons in conventional places.
* Check line length and spacing. Remember, everyone loves to scan. That means you want plenty of short lines, brief paragraphs, bullet points, and subheads so that reading doesn’t demand too much thinking.
* Optimize for mobile devices. Remember that more and more prospects are accessing your site on smaller, mobile devices. Be sure you scale to them to avoid losing that segment of your market.

Three: Don’t Make It Hard to Engage

Engagement. That’s the bottom line, right? You want your prospect to give you an email address so you can start to build a relationship or, better yet, place an order. Make sure you have a clear, easy-to-see call to action on every page.

During any moment of their journey through your website, your prospective customers can either choose to engage or leave. If they decide to engage, make sure you are there. Otherwise, they may change their mind and leave.

For some expert help in website design, turn to a marketing company Las Vegas for counsel. Professionals with years of experience can help you put together a functional, creative, and practical website that will attract and keep prospects and customers engaged.