The Painful Path to Success on Social Media

Ever since Facebook was created in February 2004, companies have been trying to harness the power of social media to reach their customers. It is no different today, but many companies who choose to start reaching out to customers on social media make the same mistakes.

Dead Silence Phase

Many companies fail to use social media altogether. The management of these companies usually feel that they do not have the time to master social media, so they just do not bother. The truth is that you need to use social media to get your name in front of your customers often so that they remember you when they are looking for your products. Secondly, you want to be on social media so that you can prove that you are an industry leader who can be trusted.

Hard Sell Phase

The next phase that many companies go through is trying to use social media to sell their products. These posts often read more like product descriptions than social media posts. Instead of trying to use social media to hard sell your product, it should be about building a community that supports each other. Managers need to take time to read what their customers are saying about their products because they are the ones who are using the products regularly. People notice when you respond to positive and negative feedback in a polite manner and are more willing to give your company a shot at earning their business.

Unbelievable Phase

By now, most companies have built up a large following. This phase consists of posts that make you shake your head as they are too slick to be believable. By now, the company has probably hired a large media outlet that is costing them a fortune to produce content that their target audience is not going to buy as being believable. Content still features your brand and products prominently but in unbelievable ways.

Success Phase

Finally, the best companies arrive at the success phase. They understand that social media is about the customer and the benefits that the customer receives from using the company’s products. Now, social media begins to pay for itself.

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