3 Key Components of Internet Marketing

Since 66 percent of business owners believe that internet marketing is a key to their success, it naturally follows that if you want to build your business, you should participate in digital marketing. One of the reasons that digital marketing is so important is that 88 percent of customers use the internet to research products before they buy them. There are many different types of internet marketing, but here are three you may want to consider along with some tips.

Social Media Marketing

Choosing the same platform where your customers are found is the key to success in social media marketing. While there are over one billion users on Facebook, the fastest growing social media platform is Instagram. Instagram is poised to continue to grow rapidly, especially with people between 18 and 34. Do not overlook Twitter if you are trying to market to other businesses. Consider Pinterest if you are interested in showing people how to do something.

Website Marketing

Content is still king in website marketing as you need to win the search engine results war if you are going to drive organic traffic to your website. Writing content that connects with real people is key to getting others to share your content. Think about how you can get people to your site besides organic search engine result pages like Google My Business and Google Maps. Google Search Engine Console has analytics on your site that may hold important clues on what you can do better. If you run a local business, then consider adding “near me” or your town’s name to your keywords.

Pay-per-click Advertising

While Google has eliminated their Google AdWords and DoubleClick programs, pay-per-click advertising is still a great way to get more business. The new Google Smart Campaigns are designed to allow small and medium-sized businesses to more effectively handle their online pay-per-click advertising. Depending on your market, do not overlook other options including Bing Ads.

It can still be confusing to know what provides the best return on investment for internet marketing in Las Vegas. Consider all the options before making a final choice. Then, tweak it on a regular basis to see if you can outperform your current return.