6 Reasons Every Company Needs a Google My Business Account

This might be hard to believe, but sometimes you really do get something of incredibly high value…for free. That’s the case with Google My Business. If you’re a business owner, you need to fill out your free profile. That’s the advice you’ll get from Send It Rising, a leading internet marketing company.

Why should every business have a Google My Business account?

  1. Potential Clients Can Find You on the Internet
  2. Google is a Trusted Resource
  3. Service is Mobile Friendly
  4. Easy to Manage
  5. Improves Local Rankings
  6. Access to More Data

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business lets you offer your clients or customers a thumbnail of who you are, what you do, and where you can be found. You can include photos of your business, customer review rating, physical address, phone number, and a link to your website, among other vital information.

Then your business is one that comes to the top of the page–with your location on a highly visible map–when people Google the information they need. For instance, if you own a computer repair shop, when prospective customers ask for “compute repair shops near me,” a map and other essential information pops to the top of the search results page.

If you haven’t filled out your free profile, it’s your leading competitors who show up when the query is made, not you. To start your profile today, go to google.com/business to claim your company.

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Google Is A Trusted Resource

Sure, there are other search engines, but people use Google 75 percent of the time. It’s become the generic term for online searches. We don’t say we’re going to query a search engine. We say, “Google it”. Thousands of answers to questions can be found within seconds. Not to mention, people trust the information they find.

The Service is Optimized for Smartphones

When customers are conducting phone searches of businesses, they’re serious about finding you. They’re not sitting in bed Googling restaurants they might someday want to visit. They’re on their lunch break, wondering what’s open and nearby. You’re not attracting window shoppers. You’re capturing motivated consumers who need to know now the availability, location, and pertinent details about well-reviewed art galleries, bookstores, restaurants, bars, boutiques, computer repair shops, wedding photographers shopping malls, advertising agencies or…whatever.

It is User and Customer Friendly

With the onset of COVID-19 earlier this spring, you may have found yourself wondering how to alert current customers and potential customers of updated hours, additional precautions, and promotions your business was offering. Google My Business makes it easy to update critical information for company quickly. Once you log into your profile, click “info” to quickly make any adjustments.

Your customers really can learn a lot in a matter of seconds when they conduct a search that results in a Google My Business page. They’ll see a map with all the nearby locations indicated. They’ll get a listing of each of those businesses with addresses, phone numbers, maybe a photo of your place, and the cumulative ranking based on customer reviews. That’s a lot of valuable information to share. Additionally, customers have the ability to leave ratings, add photos, and ask questions which all help improve your overall rankings.

You Can Boost Local Rankings

Ever wonder how you can be one of the first businesses listed when someone searches for, “Restaurants near me”? That “near me” indicates to Google that a customer is looking for a nearby location. This is called a “local ranking”. Having an optimized Google My Business site allows your business to be included in a similar search and increase your odds of obtaining more foot traffic.

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You’ll Capture Critical Marketing Data

Through Google My Business, you have access to such marketing information as the keywords customers used to find you, how many views you’ve gotten through the service over a time period, reviews left behind, and how you fare against competitors. This could help you improve your business and digital presence.

Remember, this critical marketing tool is FREE. All you have to do is fill out your profile and manage your dashboard. That’s why we’re such big cheerleaders for this service at Send It Rising, a leading Internet marketing company in Las Vegas. Call us if you’d like more information about Google My Business or strategies for making the most of your profile and attracting new clients or customers with it.

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