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You can’t be a cookie-cutter business owner anymore. Long gone are the days of a simple website and stock photos for successful businesses. In a world where we’ve quickly learned that anyone can be anything on the internet, humanizing your brand is more important than ever.

What does humanizing a brand mean?
In simple terms, show who you are. Consumers want to see your face, your team, your work culture. Competition is high, and if potential consumers can’t tell who you are, they’ll move onto a competitor.

And while you might think you’re plumbing website doesn’t need to be humanized, you’re mistaken. Home services and other like industries have some of the toughest and most competitive markets. If consumers can’t relate or visualize who you are, the internet has made it easier than ever for them to seek business elsewhere.

Ways to Humanize Your Brand in 2020


#1 Invest In a New Website
If your website is missing critical branding elements, such as an about section, employee photos, galleries, or uniform branding, it’s time to reinvent your site with a web designer. The internet is the most powerful source of information in the world. Every business in the world should be ensuring consumers are captivated the moment they land on their webpage.

#2 Hire an SEO or Marketing Company
Branding, internet marketing, and social media are three scary words to most business owners. And the truth is, even when you think you can do it yourself, you can’t. Hiring an internet marketing company is one of the best investments a brand can make in 2020. These companies, like Send it Rising, ensure your brand stays on track in the world of internet marketing while your online visibility flourishes. The market is continually changing, making it almost impossible for a business owner to stay on top of the latest trends, algorithm changes, and indexing updates that can drastically affect businesses.

#3 Create Branded Social Media Accounts
For the past decade, social media’s significance for businesses has grown exponentially. In the new decade, its growth is undeniable. Companies need to have social media platforms to prove to consumers that are established, trustworthy, and authentic. With that being said, businesses starting social media pages should commit to sharing genuine content that showcases the brand. Stock photos on social media profiles can do more harm than good. Your brand doesn’t need to be perfectly posed online; it needs to be authentic.

#4 Ditch the Stock Photos

Again, stock photos are one of the quickest ways to scare off customers. Why? Because anyone can acquire them. They do nothing to showcase that you are an accredited and genuine brand. Real photos are often associated with overall higher customer satisfaction, which is now one of the most vital aspects of brand longevity. People want to know who they are hiring and what they stand for.

If you need assistance with internet marketing in Las Vegas or throughout the world, contact Send it Rising. Our dedicated team of professionals are passionate about making a difference in each of our client’s lives and helping ensure businesses prosper in a world dominated by online technology.