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Let’s be honest, when we are in doubt, we “Google it”. Have you ever searched for your business to see what page of Google you appear? Hopefully, when you key in the name of your business it appears towards the top of the search page. Things may become more complicated when you return to that search bar and enter related keywords. Now, what page does your business fall? If you aren’t on the search engine’s first page, you may have some work to do to increase your website traffic and SEO. Here are some easy adjustments you can make right now to help optimize your website.

What Can I Do to Increase Website Traffic?

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  1. Add Videos to Your Website
  2. Add Keywords within Titles and Website Headers
  3. Include Links to Your Social Media Posts
  4. Post a Weekly Blog
  5. Schedule Weekly Google My Business Updates
  6. Create a Business Pinterest Account

Add Videos to Your Website

The power of video is evident and is becoming increasingly more popular and necessary to businesses. 80% of individuals prefer to will watch a video, but only 20% of people opt to read text. While professional videos are ideal, they are not necessary. Recording a short video explaining a product or introducing team members is a great place to start.

Add Keywords to Titles and Headings

Before you utilize keywords, it is important to know what words relate to your business. Think about what someone would enter into a search engine to organically find your website. Some examples for a plumbing company in Charlotte, NC are: plumbers in Charlotte, Charlotte plumbers, emergency plumbers, and even broken pipes. You will want to include these words and phrases throughout your website so your website appears as a search return when someone is looking for a business like yours.

Add Links to Social Media Posts

Social media is a great FREE way to expand your reach. Once you decide on a platform that works best for your business, be sure to include links in your bio or about sections. If you elect to post to Facebook, you can also drive potential customers to your website by adding a link towards the bottom of your post. See our other blog topics for social media inspiration and things to try in 2020.seo Las Vegas

Post a Weekly Blog on Your Website

Blogging isn’t just for travelers and foodies; it is for anyone who wants to increase website traffic. There are real business benefits to posting content related to your field or updating previous posts. Blogging positions you as a leader in the field, helps with SEO, and humanizes your brand for starters.

seo company Las VegasSchedule Weekly Posts to Your Google Business Account

Another FREE resource to activate is Google My Business. This platform is essential for your company to appear in Google maps. It is a great way to ensure your customers are aware of your hours, promotions, and see photos of your business. Customers can also post pictures and ask questions. Visit to get started today.

Maintain a Pinterest Account for Your Business

Like blogging, Pinterest is a platform that has great SEO benefits for businesses. Even our clients who are lawyers and mortgage lenders receive over 10k views monthly on Pinterest. We’ve noticed a positive correlation to their Google rankings as a result. Time Saving Hack: onsidering sharing your blogs and videos you’ve already created on Pinterest to build a following.

Ready to Increase Your Web Traffic With a Trusted Internet Marketing Company?

Send it Rising is a full-service internet marketing company focusing on website design, SEO, social media, and PPC. Kellen Kautzman, Send It Rising’s founder, wrote “Everybody’s Doing It”, which became the #1 New Release on in the SEO category.

Ways to Improve Your Website Traffic With an SEO Company

SEO is organic and natural, which means you never pay for your SEO rankings. Search engines determine these rankings and display your website based oninternet marketing Las Vegas
1. Keyword usage
2. Website security
3. Mobile-friendliness
4. Optimized content
5. Inbound and outbound links
6. Backlinks

The strength of these aspects is your key to favorable search engine rankings. Without it, your website is simply lost in space. A star dimmed amongst it’s brighter (more visible) brothers and sisters.

Besides getting world-class web design, all of our web sites come to Google ready with blogs that feed right into Google.  We choose WordPress, not only for its content management system, but for its revolutionary trend-setting designs, speed, and the flexibility to make the site what our customers need and want.

Updated: June 3, 2020

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